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Concrete Restoration & Protection

The original focus of our founding company, TOPCOR Services, LLC, concrete restoration and protection services include a wide variety of repair techniques and coating, topping and lining system applications.

Concrete Restoration   

Whether it's for industrial concrete structures or public structures such as bridges, dams, ports and docks, TOPCOR is the expert at a wide variety of structural concrete repair techniques, including SHOTCRETE, form and pump , CRACK INJECTION and more. In addition, we are one of the leading users of microsilica concrete for our repair material of choice. Microsilica provides high-early strength and compressive strengths of up to 11,000psi. We are also very active in marine concrete structural repair, utilizing a variety of jacketing techniques for both strengthening and cathodic protection.

Concrete Protection

Our company was started with the application of epoxy and vinyl ester concrete coating and topping applications for chemical resistance of slabs, trenches, sumps and other concrete structures. We have advanced our techniques over the years to be regarded as premier contractors in the southeast, applying a wide variety of materials supplied by most of the major manufacturers. In addition to surface applied protection, TOPCOR is a leader in the cathodic protection of concrete structures, utilizing either metallized zinc spray systems, jacketed cathodic systems, or embedded zinc anode systems. We work with both sacrificial and impressed current designs.

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