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Bridge and Marine Structural Services

TOPCOR provides a wide range of Restoration and Protection services for Bridges and other Marine structures (such as docks, ports, offshore platforms, dams, locks, etc.) in markets such as Federal Agencies, State DOTs, Municipalities, Railroads and Private owners. We are not only expert at the repair technologies, but also in providing the proper access for repair, especially in marine environments. Some of our typical repair details include:
Concrete Spall Repair
Typically caused by chloride corrosion of reinforcing steel or by physical damage, spalls and major section losses in concrete structures are repaired using ICRI (International Concrete Repair Institute) guidelines for proper preparation, reinforcing steel replacement and concrete replacement, whether by hand patching, forming and pumping or shotcrete.
Cathodic Protection of Reinforcing Steel
Primarily used on marine bridge structures, we provide a variety of sacrificial and impressed current cathodic protection systems to provide significant life extension for bridge structural members:
  • Cathodic protection pile jackets (FRP jackets with Zinc embedded mesh)
  • MCP (Metalized Cathodic Protection), which is a thermal sprayed zinc external application
  • Embedded and Attached Anodes
  • Impressed Current systems
Expansion Joint Restoration
Replacement with in-kind or newly specified joint systems provided by all major manufacturers.
Carbon Fiber Strengthening
TOPCOR is a certified applicator of carbon fiber wraps, strips and plates for the strengthening of bridge structural components and was one of the original contractors trained for this type of application over ten years ago.

Replacement and Repair of Steel Structural Components
Whether it is weld repair, component repair, gusset plate repair, straightening or replacement, rivet replacement, finger joint repair, pin replacements or any other type of specialty steel work, TOPCOR has the capabilities to provide in-house repair and restoration.



Pile Restoration, Jackets, Cathodic Protection, etc.
We utilize a variety of technologies to protect and repair marine pile systems. Most utilize a Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) shell and incorporate different filler materials in the annular space between that shell and the piles. These systems are applicable to both concrete and steel piles. We have installed over $10 million of these systems to date. Some are structural repairs, some provide cathodic protection of the reinforcing steel and some provide only surface protection. Please see Marine Pile Protection Systems for more details.
Underbridge Access Platforms
We can provide rental and services using our "Snooper Trailer” equipment for difficult to access bridge inspection and work performance.


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